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Next, find the desired management object to apply the managed settings to Once selected, open up the Mobility pane in the preference management section In the default Account Creation Tab, under the creation section, select the option to create a mobile account at login, but do not require confirmation, as shown in Figure 7-22 Click Apply After this change, when the user logs into a computer that is a member of this group, a mobile account will be created----a copy of the user Open Directory record is copied into the local directory services store This record contains the user s password, and enables.

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Because Plazmic is so strongly associated with native RIM behavior, it cannot be embedded into a MIDlet. Consider using Plazmic if you want a compact animation that will run on a wide number of RIM devices; avoid it if you want to use a more widely supported format or create interactive content.

the machine to permit a user to login to the computer even when the machine cannot contact the Open Directory server. Creating mobile accounts is an absolute must on laptops that will routinely leave the company campus and thereby lose access to company internal servers. In fact, in many wired-desktop environments, it may be desirable to force mobile accounts for users. This creates a more robust desktop setup that will more gracefully deal with any Open Directory outages. There are not many benefits management-wise to not create a mobile account for any user who will utilize a local home directory.

Now that you have configured mobility, you must also configure the actual syncing settings. You will first configure the login syncing, called preference syncing in 10.6. In this particular instance, you will be syncing the user s preference folder, their personal applications folder, and their Firefox and Safari bookmarks. Respective GUIs are shown for 10.5 and 10.6. Notice that the 10.6 GUI on the right has specific checkboxes allowing for granular control of when certain items sync (see Figure 7-23).

onload function is assigned a function The next line of source code uses the opsdelegate method call to convert the assigned function into a delegate Thus, when the windowonload event is called, the two functions are called, both of which assign windowonerror A consequence of using delegates is that a programmer might use delegates, but forget the resources they assign using delegates are shared as well Therefore, a good programmer won t assign windowonerror, but will use a delegate to assign windowonerror When writing code where a method or function callback needs to be shared, you can use delegates, but keep the following points in mind: Delegates allow programmers to share a method callback, but they should not assume that the resources in their method implementation are exclusive Delegates solve the problem where a single method call can be used to make multiple method calls.

Animated GIFs are probably the most widespread form of animation on the Web, and they are often the first choice for simple animation creation. Unfortunately, they are much more complex to deal with on BlackBerry devices. First, if you are including the GIF as a resource in your COD, the program compiler won t have a good way of telling whether a given GIF file will be animated or not. Because PNG files display more efficiently on the device than GIF files, the default behavior is to translate all nonPNG images (including GIF and JPEG) into PNG format. Therefore, all animation information is lost. To avoid this problem, you can either rename the file extension to something else (like .gxx), or instruct your build environment to leave all images alone. If you are using the Eclipse plug-in, right-click your project, select Properties, then modify the BlackBerry Project Properties as shown in Figure 3-9. Note that this last approach is only a good idea if your program only uses PNG files and animated GIF images; otherwise, you will miss out on some valuable optimizations. Also note that this problem is moot if you are loading a GIF file over the network or from a file outside your COD.

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